Monday, November 14, 2011

Weight Loss: Nutrition, Exercise or Both?

I have lost and kept off about 60 pounds.  I did it mostly through a combination of diet and exercise.  I say mostly because the first time I joined Weight Watchers online I had a back injury and really couldn't exercise.  I was in a lot of pain, it was winter and I didn't want to walk alone at night.  I still lost weight. 

When I was able to start exercising I lost more weight and saw my body shape improve.  Things tightened up and looked better.  I had more energy and more confidence which motivated me to keep eating better.  It was a loop that worked well.  Early on my trainer told me that while the gym would help with the weight loss it was ultimately what I was eating that would have the biggest impact.  I could eat well or I could self-sabotage.  Exercise would account for approximately 20 - 30 percent of weight loss, nutrition would account for the rest.

Eventually Weight Watchers and I parted ways.  While I appreciated being taught portion control and better choices I was too hungry to stick with their diet for the rest of my life.  With the help of a Health Coach I found an eating plan that worked better for me.  I still exercise a lot and I eat mostly whole foods.  I don't count calories or points but I do keep track of what I eat.  When I don't keep track of my food I tend to be a little more indulgent and suffer from "food amnesia."  Forgetting what I ate and snacking more than I really should leads me to put on the pounds.  I'd rather keep track and see what foods give me better energy and a better mood throughout the day.

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