Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How do you soothe yourself?

I'm having a sad day, I've had a series of annoying days.  Not disasters, just annoying and now it's one of those days when I want comfort and a there there.  Unfortunately most of my friends, as well as my husband, are at work and not available for a walk or talk.  So I've been doing little things for myself throughout the day that mostly don't involve food.  It's easy when I'm sad to look for something chocolatey and gooey to make me happy.  (really, who doesn't love a warm chocolate chip cookie)?  The thing is I know it will only make me temporarily happy.  And I won't be so happy when my jeans don't zip as easily as they should!

So today I decided I'd have a plain Greek yogurt with frozen strawberries and a drizzle of honey.  Still delicous but much friendlier to my body.  Then I played with the dog.  It's hard to stay sad when Missy is getting such joy out of chasing her rope around the house.  Her whole body shakes and she smiles her doggy grin. 

I made sure to work out and do something that would take my concentration as well as make me sweat.  Certain exercises are so familiar you just end up going through the motions and I knew my mind would just wander.  I wanted to be present and engaged so Athletic Agility it was.  The endorphins did their trick.

Finally I turned the radio and Pink Floyd was on.  I turned the dial to something more upbeat and fun.  Lady Gaga makes me dance and that makes me happy.   More endorphins and I'm having a much better afternoon.

So what do you do on a day you need soothing?

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