Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday I talked about having a good breakfast; lunch or snack, depending on when you eat dinner; and getting some exercise in.  I realize some of you will be cooking and thinking, yeah Janine, I have no time to exercise.  So here's a bonus for you:  Women's Health Magazine posted a 15 minute workout.  3 circuits of:  squats, chest presses, bent over rows and bicycles.  12-15 reps each set with one minute of rest in between.   Here's the link:

Enjoy your dinner.  Savor what you eat, eat mindfully and enjoy the experience.  If you are looking to eat a bit healthier take turkey and veggies first, then take a small spoon of the foods you love and aren't as healthy.  Don't deprive yourself but don't eat until you can't breathe comfortably.  If you are a guest you can bring a healthy dish along with you.  My in-laws have plenty of food but I really love roasted Brussels Sprouts with some slivered almonds and balsamic vinegar reduction.  It makes me happy and it's healthy.

Dessert can be my weakness.  I love homemade desserts, boxed I can pass on.  So I either find one dessert that I truly want and enjoy it or I sample two or three (I'm being honest here).  Sample sizes are small so that they're only a few bites each.   (think butter knife width). 

Remember sugary drinks and alcohol are also calories.  If you're looking to curb, have 2 glasses of water for every alcoholic drink.  Skip sodas and go for seltzer with lime and orange or unsweetened or lightly sweetned iced tea, such as homemade or Honest Tea.  (I'm not a fan of diet drinks, I don't like the chemicals).

If you do overindulge don't beat yourself up.  Have some peppermint to ease discomfort (tea or those little round mints) and take a 20 minute walk.  Remember Friday is a new day and the holiday is over then. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

You can reach me at if you would like some support during this holiday season. I'm happy to do a free health history with you and help you set up some goals and strategies. You can also visit my website for further information:

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