Friday, November 11, 2011

Strength Training - A Love/Hate Relationship

It's true, I really don't love strength training.  Going to the gym and lifting weights is monotonous to me.  I would procrastinate going any day when weights were on my agenda.  I loved the way I looked from lifting but it was so dull.  I wanted to incorporate it because there are some really good benefits to strength training besides the muscle definition.  It is the best way to strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis; it improves your biomechanics and helps prevent falling; it eases arthritis pain and, my favorite, you boost your metabolism by 15%. 

The trick was making strength training enjoyable.  (I can hear some of you snorting).  For me having a trainer helped.  I learned good form, to trick my muscles by switching routines every few weeks and ways to double up by doing arms and legs together.  The downside was the cost, it really added up after awhile.  I then joined a class that did body conditioning and when that stopped working in my schedule I bought some exercise tapes. 

I also discovered my favorite way to shake up my routine:  Exercise on Demand.  I can access it via the web and on cable tv.  Different routines, different trainers and it's ready when I am.  Maybe not as good as having someone live with you but it definitely makes the workout more enjoyable.  And when I don't like the trainer or the routine, I stop it and pick out something else.  Trust me, there is no way I would choose to do 70 pushups on my own.  When Jari Love or Chris Freytag say do pushups, I do them. 

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