Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feeling Too Lazy to Cook?

I would say we all have days when we just don't feel like making dinner or forgot to take something out to prepare.  The planning, the prep and the cooking just all seem overwhelming.  Or we're hungry and we really just want to eat.  Wouldn't take out be so much easier and quicker we ask ourselves.  Then again, delivery is not always speedy and they're not always the best food choices either. 

I'm not saying don't ever have take out but treat it as a once in a while plan rather than a staple.  You really do better when you are the one controlling the ingredients and the portion sizes.  We tend to eat more when there is a big portion in the take out container and there is way more fat, sugar and sodium in restaurant meals than home cooked.   (Unless you are Paul Deen of course)!

On those nights I make quick emergency meals.  I have a few staples on hand that will let me build a variety of meals.  Frozen shrimp, canned tomatoes, artichokes (frozen or canned) and brown rice (frozen left over rice) have saved me on a few occasions.  Beans are another go to choice.  I always have some veggies on hand and will use frozen if I'm low on fresh ones.  Quinoa cooks up quickly as does wheat couscous.  Nitrate free bacon along with a vegetable omelet and sprouted grain toast is a fun twist on dinner too. 

Storing leftover soup in indivual containers and freezing is also a quick dinner.  Make a salad or a sandwich to go along with it and you have an easy quick meal.  Sauce can be frozen and heated up by the time your pasta cooks as well.  (I prefer whole wheat or brown rice pasta myself).

The trick is to be a little creative with what you stock.  I buy what I enjoy eating and can be made in about 15 minutes.  By the time it would take to figure out what I want from take out my dinner is on the table.   It's better for my body and for my wallet.

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