Friday, July 6, 2012

Push Ups Every Day, Because Why?...

Yes, I have challenged myself to do push ups and drink a green drink every day for 21 days.  And I've gotten a lot of curious questions about it.  I've been asked:  Why?  Where does the challenge take place? Who knows you're doing it?  What if you don't do it one day?

So here's the why:  I took two classes and realized my upper body was much more sore than my core and my lower half.  I don't want "bye-bye arms" either.  You know, when you wave bye and your arm keeps moving.  As for the green drink, I ordered a juicer and I wanted to see how I would feel adding in a green drink to my day.  And, honestly, I like to shake things up to keep me fresh. 

The challenge takes place in my head and when I post it online.  No one is checking on me to see if I did the push ups or if I had a juice or smoothie.  The people who see the Facebook pages know I'm doing it as does my husband and a few friends.  

One day I missed the drink but I ate a boat load of vegetables that day and had some fruit as well.  I kind of missed the juice but wasn't worried that I didn't get an adequate intake of produce.  I haven't missed a day of push ups though.  I do a minimum of 25 but generally do at least 50.  I do a combination of full push up and from the knees - I'm not up to 50 full push ups yet.  That can be the next challenge.

Tomorrow will be the 21 days and I can say I've noticed a change in my arms.  I'm going to extend it to a month and see how they look then.  I feel pretty strong and want to increase the strength I've got.  I've also noticed a change in my skin, which has been clearer and more glowy, I'd say the juice is reason for that.  It also curbs cravings and keeps me from wanting sweet treats.  It's definitely something I'll continue with.

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