Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hitting the Salad Bar? Add the Avocado and Olive Oil!

Do you ever do the salad thing for lunch and then a few hours later you're hungry again?  It's probably not the volume of what you're eating, it's the content.  I would make a gorgeous salad for lunch, enjoy it and be happy I was doing something healthy for myself.  And then in a few hours I'd be jonesing for something else to eat.  Something that inevitably wasn't as healthy as my salad.

I was leaving out some very important key ingredients:  healthy fats and protein.  Once I started adding in some avocado, a few nuts, a little cheese and a protein (egg, chicken, beans, shrimp, etc), I was feeling much better.  I also like to use olive oil and vinegar for my dressing, I know it's simple with no added sugar or weird ingredients.  Seriously read the back of a diet salad dressing bottle, it's scary.

Rather than grabbing for a roll, see if the salad bar has any whole grains on it.  Places like Whole Foods have quinoa, farro and/or brown rice on their bars.  A good healthy option that adds some protein as well as carb to your meal.

Finally, do stay away from the fried, the gooey and the sauced options.  You don't know what's in them and the calorie count really isn't worth it.  Remember just because they are sitting there does not mean they are healthy options. And Jello salads aren't really salad, I don't care what the name implies.

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