Friday, July 27, 2012

Trying Meditation, Again...

I've taken on the 21 day meditation challenge again.  True to form I'm a little behind on it.  I feel better when I meditate and when I do it at night I sleep better.  Here's the catch, I sometimes wait too long and fall asleep   instead.  I have tried it during the day or first thing in the morning.  I do stick with it better if I do it upon waking.  

I find it easier to meditate with the challenge as well.  This is the third or fourth meditation challenge that I've participated in and I stick with it through the end, even if I miss a few days I always make them up.  It's keeping it going regularly when the challenge stops that I run out of gas.  I'm not sure why, I guess I don't feel accountability or 3 weeks isn't long enough for me to totally develop a habit.  

This particular challenge is interesting, we're meditating on love and healing.  Letting go of past hurts, including childhood trauma, and opening ourselves up again.  It's been interesting and much easier than one of the meditation cds I purchased.  One of my first blog posts relates how I yelled at the woman leading the meditation, not very zen.  And, of course, it did not open me up to the practice of meditation at all.

My own challenge is how to keep the practice going once this current series is finished.  I have meditations by some of the leaders of this current series, I just don't always practice them.  I guess I will have to create my own challenge and see if I can make this a daily habit for myself. Maybe the trick is to explore alternate forms of meditation, such as a walking meditation.  There's also a group that meets on Tuesdays at a local college to meditate, perhaps I can pick up some new tools there as well.  For now, I have almost 2 weeks left of this challenge so I'll see how it goes the week that follows.

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