Monday, April 9, 2012

Snacks - Part of a Healthy Eating Plan

As a health coach I inevitably get asked two questions:  Can I have snacks?  What should I be eating?

Yes, of course you can eat snacks.  I like snacks and find that if I go more than 4 hours without eating I start to fade and my concentration isn't the best.  A lot of people think of snacks as chips, pretzles, candy, etc. I think of those more as treats.  A snack is something to tide you over until meal time and a treat is a special item that you don't eat regularly. 

There are some great snack choices available, no matter where you are.  I carry snacks with me when I know I'll be out working, running errands or out of the house all day.  I keep portable items such as fruit, yogurt, nuts, trailmix, or a healthy energy bar, like a Larabar, in my bag.  This way when I'm hungry I'm not grabbing for the first thing I see.  I know the ingredients are healthy and it's something I enjoy.

On the off chance that I do forget my snack or I've missed a meal and need an additional snack, I know I have options.  At a deli or convenience store  I will get a piece of fruit and either a string cheese or a yogurt.  Sometimes they have the small servings of hummus and baby carrots - I love those. At the drug store I'll pick up a Larabar or a Bora Bora bar - something made with fruit, nuts and other ingredients I recognize.  If I can't pronounce it, I don't buy it.  I've even run into a fast food place and purchased the small yogurt parfait or a salad.  I just go in with a plan and stick to it so I'm not walking out with french fries and then wishing I ate something healthier.

What are your favorite snack strategies?

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