Monday, April 23, 2012

What Motivates You When You Really Want to Stop?

I was heading for the shower when my husband asked how my run was.  "It sucked," I told him. "It was one of those runs when you look at the mileage and see you've only gone 1.25 when you just want to be done."  He was very sympathetic and wanted to make sure I wasn't in pain and that my foot was okay.

Yes, everything was okay.  I had the usual twinges and things but nothing that was horrible.  It was just one of those runs, if you run you most likely know what I mean.  I couldn't really find my rhythm and had to walk a little bit during the run.  I don't mind the walking but I do hate feeling like I'm slogging along.  I even took 1/2 a gel packet to see if I'd get a burst of energy.  It worked, whether it was real or psychological I had the energy to finish. 

I did think about just walking but I really wanted to get a run in.  I also thought about a woman who posted on a friend's facebook page.  She was raising her granddaughter, working full time, going to school, undergoing treatment for breast cancer and she still worked out three times a week.  If she can do that I can run 3 miles, even if I need to take a walk break. 

Honestly, we all have bad workout days at some point.  I stop if I'm ill or in real pain, I'm not crazy.  When it's just twinges or muscles I haven't said hello to in a while I keep going.  I may slow it down a bit but I find the motivation to keep going.

So what's your motivation?  What is the one thing that can get you moving?

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