Friday, April 20, 2012

5th Day of the Cleanse

I'm on day 5 and it has been okay.  I had a few hungry moments and some sugar cravings the first day or two.  I don't miss the snack foods so much but I do miss eggs, fruit, and the occasional teaspoon of honey in my tea.  I also wanted a glass of wine last night but I lived without it.  I had plenty of other food choices so it's not a terrible cleanse, just more restrictive than I normally eat.

I feel fine, I have energy and I'm eating good clean meals.  I did this so that I would be more mindful of my snacking.  I feel I was reaching for things when I wasn't really hungry as well as reaching for sweets a little more often.  Healthy or not I really don't need the extra sugar.  My other reason for participating is that I like to avoid dairy during my prime allergy months and this would help me stop eating it.  I feel less congested and suffer less when I don't have cow's milk during allergy season.  I miss yogurt then but there's coconut milk yogurt and ice cream if I really want a treat. 

What I am aware of are that these are choices I make and not a plan that I have to follow.  I can be flexible because it's not detrimental to my health.  For others skipping gluten and/or dairy is not a choice, it's something that must be done for health reasons and is a way of life.  Going on a ten day cleanse is a good way to see if you have a food sensivity, 5 days doesn't really give you enough time for that.  After ten days you would slowly start adding foods back to see if there's a sensitivity. 

It is one of the services I offer in my practice.  If you think you would like to try a cleanse or talk more about your health send me an email at

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