Friday, August 17, 2012

Tired of Figuring Out What To Eat?

I've had a few people tell me recently that they were just tired of figuring out what to eat.  What was healthy and what hasn't, who had the best diet and what they did not want to give up.  It's tough, I know.  There was a segment this morning on Good Morning America with three people featured in People Magazine.  All three had lost 100 pounds or more and none of them did it exactly the same way.  What they all had in common was they changed their eating habits and exercised.  All looked fabulous and no one was rich or famous.

But what diet do I follow?  Well, it depends on if you have allergies or not and what feels good to you.  Do you like eating raw foods or mostly vegetables?  Do you like grains or prefer protein?  What gives you the most energy?  You learn this over the course of a few weeks, of adding in new foods and writing down what you ate, what your mood was and how you felt later on in the day.  I feel my best eating steel cut oatmeal with nuts and fruit, having smoothies with vegetables and fruit or, if I'm running, sprouted bread with almond butter and banana.  (peanut butter gives me agita when I run).

Do you notice what all of those breakfasts had in common?  All consisted of whole foods.  Nothing was overly processed or came in a box.  I could identify all of the ingredients and my great-grandmother would recognize them as food too.  No added sugars, no weird ingredients and real foods - not food like substances masquerading as food.

Buying foods in season will keep costs down and frozen vegetables and fruits are always an alternative when fresh are not available.   Bulk bins are a great way to buy grains, nuts and seed while also keeping costs down.  I get very large bag of oatmeal at the bulk bin for less than $2.  There is a great website called 100 days of real food that can also give you some great tips.

As always, I am happy to support you on your healthy journey.  Send me an email,, at or visit my website,, if you would like a complimentary consultation.  

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