Friday, August 3, 2012

Do You Have Olympic Fever?

I've been asked by a few people if I've been watching the Olympics and even my nine year old godson is quite taken with the games.  He's smitten with Gabby Douglas and wanted Ryan Lockte to beat out Michael Phelps for the gold.

In truth I have watched some of the games.  I get nervous for the gymnasts and it doesn't matter what country they're from.  I get the same way with the skaters in the winter games, I'm really not sure why.  The other sports I can watch much more calmly.  I guess they just bring up more emotion for me or maybe I can relate to the disappointment of a teenage girl more readily than that of an adult.

And the games inspire me.  I'm in awe of what they do and what they sacrifice in order to make their dreams happen.  Just to be picked to be on the Olympic team is amazing and far more than what most of us accomplish.  I certainly can't imagine being at swim practice at 5:30 am every morning before school or work, can you?  And then more practice later in the day?  It kind of boggles my mind.

And while I don't expect to be an Olympic runner, gymnast or skater, I let them motivate me during my workouts and runs.  I figure I can give up an hour or so and live with some soreness as I push myself just a little bit further than I have.  Maybe I can try the next difficulty of a workout, add some weights to my squats, or add a little mileage onto my weekly runs.  Again, not going crazy but pushing things up one notch.

So what do the games inspire you to do?  How can you let yourself answer the challenge of your next level?

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