Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Constant Cravings

I'm an emotional eater and when something bothers me my instinct is to reach for something sweet.  I know this and I have tools for dealing with the cravings rather than eating.  Still, there are days like today when I find myself walking over to where the biscotti are taking a deep breath and having some water only to find myself holding the container of ice cream and a spoon.  More deep breaths and thinking about what I want, am I hungry and what the hell is bugging me?

So no, I'm not hungry but I'm having an intense chocolate craving.  Yes, there are some things on my mind and a call just triggered them into a bit of overdrive.  So I decide to visit the thoughts and see what's going on there.  The feelings might be intense but they won't kill me.  I most likely will not solve the problems right now but I can change how I respond to them.  I cannot change other people or their behaviors, I can only change my own.  Starting with putting the spoon back in the drawer and the ice cream back in the freezer.  Sometimes I put it in the downstairs freezer so temptation is that much further away.

If nothing was bothering me and I wasn't hungry I might have a little chocolate. Since I really prefer to have a treat at night I come up with an alternative to something sugary.  It's always good to have a few go to items that help with a craving.  I'll make a smoothie from spinach, banana, almond milk and raw cacao powder; a plain yogurt sprinkled with cacao nibs and some honey; a frozen coffee drink (blending coffee, unsweetened cocoa, almond milk and ice); or I'll take a frozen banana and put it in the food processor with cacao powder to make a coco-banana "ice cream".  (you can use unsweetened cocoa instead of raw cacao if that's what you have on hand).

There are other tips and tools to use if you are experiencing emotional eating.  You are not alone in this and it can be solved. If you want further information please send me an email at  janinemchale@empoweredplate.com.  

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