Friday, June 1, 2012

What Are You Putting Off?

We all have something we plan on doing someday.  Sometimes it's a big ticket item, like traveling around the world or a big physical adventure, like skydiving or something that rocks our day to day world, like changing jobs or getting married.  We also have little goals that sometimes get ignored.  I will exercise more, I will eat better, I will be a better friend, or I will go home and do more than clean the house and watch tv.

I make loose goals each year. I will visit one place I've never been to, I will do something outside of my comfort zone, I will meet new people and I will eat something I have never tried before.  It sounds easy but it's not.  I'm fairly introverted and putting myself into situations with new people is not always comfortable for me.  On the other hand, it gets easier, starts to become more natural and I really like that.

Not every destination has to be exotic, sometimes it's something closer to home that I've just never visited.  How many of us take advantage of the touristy things in our own neighborhoods?  I love the Tibetan museum, it's one of my favorite places on Staten Island but the majority of my friends have never visited it.  I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently, I had never been there.  I've been to other museums both locally and in other cities but not the Met.  I'm glad I went and I'd like to go again, since it would take several visits to see all of the exhibits. (and that's not including the special exhibits).

I plan on trying sea urchin very soon.  Why?  It's been featured on several programs that I've watched recently and I'm curious to see what it tastes like.  I may not love it but at least I'll have tried it.  I recently tasted Vietnamese food and all I can think is where has pho been all my life?  It's my new favorite soup.

I've met new friends through running, from attending a study group of women I never met before and from networking dinners.  These are all things that were previously out of my comfort zone.  Sometimes they still aren't totally comfortable but I'm working on it.

What are your goals?  Have you thought about them recently?  Have you made any of them happen?  Post below and let me know why or why not.

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