Friday, June 8, 2012

New Favorite Class?

I took a class yesterday, Yoga Body Bootcamp, that I cannot stop raving about.  I can honestly say I didn't really know what to expect and I was very happily surprised.  The room was heated to about 85 degrees.  I was a little warm before the class even started, which is not usually a good sign for me.  I don't enjoy being hot and exercising.

We started with a few sun salutation warm ups.  I like the vinyasa flow and, even with variations, it's familiar.  We then went into bootcamp stations.  They were mostly very active variations of yoga poses.  Sideplanks, warrior III with knee to chest pull ins, dancer and a walking handstand.  I chose not to walk but to stay stationary.  A) I have my race tomorrow and preferred to be in one piece B) The people on either side of me were not in sync and I'm claustrophobic.

There were also foot to hand skips, ab twists and different animal floor walks.  The latter I have done in a kickboxing workout.  I love them and dread them at the same time.  Crab walks, spiderman crawls, walking planks and bear walks.  We closed with plank wars - you and a partner are in plank and you pull each other until one of you goes to your knees.  I won the war but I think that may be because my partner just wanted to end it, not that I was necessarily stronger.

Surprisingly my legs and abs are okay.  I know I worked out but it's my shoulders and upper arms that are complaining a bit today.  I can deal with that and it lets me know that I have to do a little more work on my upper body.  At least I will be in good shape for tomorrow's 10k in Central Park.

The only sad part was the class will not be offered regularly until September.  Until then I will have to practice handstands and animal walks and build those shoulder muscles back up.

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