Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Food in Strange Places

My husband and I were walking through Sears the other day on our way back to our car.  I noticed that Sears sells candy right by the register.  It's not something they used to do, I think it's a fairly new addition.  I can't say how new since I'm not a regular mall goer.  But why in the world does Sears need to sell candy in the the clothing section?

I am puzzled by the way food, especially treat items, have popped up in odd spots.  Many libraries have cafes now.  I'm sure it's to compete with large book stores but shouldn't the library be a food free area?  It's very hard to escape this constant influx of food temptations.  Eating in class was frowned upon when I was in school but my visit to Hunter College last year told me that was no longer true.  There were vending machines all over and everyone carried the ubiquitous ginormous cup of coffee.

Is it really any wonder that as a society we are having epidemic records of obesity?  More than half of the population is overweight and of that number half are obese.  It's the children that move me though.  One in three children or teens are overweight or obese.  Triple by-passes are being done on 18 year olds.  Where does the insanity end?

I am by no means saying you cannot have treats, I like my occasional cupcake or ice cream.  I would like for people to really think about their food choices and plan for the occasional treat.  It's all about moderation. If you know you are going out for dinner then make sure your breakfast and lunch are healthy choices.  If there is to be cake and you know you want it don't eat treats throughout the day.  When you have that piece of cake savor it, enjoy each bite, and know that you made a conscious decision to treat yourself.

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