Friday, June 22, 2012

Trying New Things

I don't belong to a gym and I rely on programs like SportSkool and Mag Rag to give me new workouts.  I mostly don't miss the gym since I have a lot of that equipment in my house and I'm pretty motivated to workout regardless of where I am.  Having said that sometimes I miss the camaraderie of the fitness classes.  I don't have someone telling me if my form is off or just the commiserating with other students.

This week I was excited to attend a Barre3 class that Well & Good was offering to their readers.  I knew the program from the now defunct Exercise on Demand.  Sadie Lincoln, founder of Barre3, was coming to New York City and teaching the classes herself.  She was warm, engaging and pushed you while offering modifications if you needed or wanted them.  

Barre3 is a blend of pilates, yoga, and ballet.  You engage your small muscles as well as the large ones and you work your whole body.  I left with legs that were a little shaky and a core that I felt every muscle of.  I know from the comments of those around me I was not alone.  

The other class I took this week was yoga on the beach.  It was held to welcome in summer and was a pretty active practice.  The energy was amazing and our instructor was enthusiastic.  There were two assistants helping us to go further into our poses and a few "models" to follow along with.  My shoulders and back felt the numerous planks, chatarungas (pictured above, courtesy of and updogs.  

Both of the classes had live deejays and it made a difference in the energy of the practice.  Especially in the yoga class, where we had contemporary music rather than the music I normally hear.  There is an element of fun when you are doing flipdogs to I'm Sexy and I Know It.  I don't know that I want to hear that all of the time but it was appropriate for the time and place.  

Trying new things gives me a lift and a better knowledge of what I appreciate about my current practices and what I might like to add or stop.  We all need a boost or a tweak to liven things up.  What new thing have you been meaning to try?  Why not go give it a whirl?

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