Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My First Race in About a Year

Sunday I had my first race since last June's 10k Mini in Central Park, I ran the Hair of the Dog 5k at Silver Decoy Winery in NJ.  The race benefits local pet rescues, dogs are welcome and there's wine tasting and a festival afterward.  I figured that would be right up my alley so I signed on.

It was good to be running a race again.  I wasn't out to win my age group or even PR, I just wanted to be back in the game.  It was very warm for May and a bright sunny day.  I forgot my Ipod but that didn't bother me too much; I'm pretty social and will talk to other runners here and there along the way.  I even trotted out my Team in Training mentor skills on people who said they were "dying" along the way.

A lot of people ran or walked with their dogs.  There was no sort of rhyme or reason to line up so I tried to stay away from anyone with a dog.  Let's fact it, I'm clumsy and I didn't want to be caught up in a leash.  As it was a few dogs realized I am a dog lover and would jump on me as they ran near me.  (cats do this too, it's very odd.  I was the child who legitimately said this cat followed me home).

The beginning and the end of the course were in the sun, which was not the fun it's purported to be when you're running.  There were hills but I needed them since I'm doing the 10k Mini at Central Park in a few weeks.  Happily there was a water station going out and coming back.  There were bowls of water for the dogs but I really wish more owners brought water for their pups.  Dogs cannot handle the heat the way we can and they're wearing fur coats.

Around mile 2 I had some self doubt thoughts but I banished them quickly.  I knew I was in good shape and I knew I could finish.  I used to think mantras were corny but now I find them really helpful when I run.  So Yes I Can, Yes I Will and Yes, I Have run through my brain.  I also picked a woman and her lovely dog, Diana, to pace me. I had the feeling I was running too fast so I wanted someone who looked like she had a steady pace.

Diana is a hunter dog and she was able to pick out the less crowded spots to run, was focused and determined.  Her owner was also very nice but I didn't catch her name.  They made the last mile very pleasant and I was glad I didn't have my Ipod in.

So now I'm ready for the 10k and I'm excited.  I ran a moderately hilly course in the sun and heat and I did fine.

What are your exercise goals?  I find that it's important to have a short term and a longer term goal to keep things fresh.

Not sure how to start an exercise program or what your goals could be?  Send me an email at janinemchale@empoweredplate.com and we'll see if we can work together to come up with a plan for you!  You can also visit my website at http://empoweredplate.com/.

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