Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Parties

I know the holiday party circuit has started, I've been to two of them so far.  It's not always the healthiest food and if it's a dinner event you need to make the best of it.  Take the foods you enjoy and savor them.  If there are veggies available that you enjoy and aren't fried or soaked in sauce, stock up!  Make sure to have some water in between drinks as well.

Since I don't know what to expect from other people's holiday parties I eat well during the day.  Breakfast is simple and filling:  an egg or two scrambled with veggies and sprouted grain bread, oatmeal with fruit and nuts or a smoothie.  Lunch is a sandwich and salad or soup and a salad.  I like to sneak as many vegetables and whole grains in as possible, especially if I think I'm eating fried or sauced foods later on.

I have a sweet tooth so I don't skip dessert.  I take a few bites of cake, 1 or 2 cookies (normal sized) or 2 mini pastries.  It's the first few bites that are satisfying anyway.  I find if I skip it I'm looking for something later on or I'm eating stuff that I don't want to make up for what I skipped.  I'd rather eat and enjoy then move on with my night. 

I also take advantage of dancing if it's available.  I love to dance and I get to burn off some of what I just ate.  Plus, I drink less when I'm dancing.  I'm more likely to go for water than alcohol when I'm that thirsty. 

The next day it is back to eating the way I eat every other day.  Another option is to take a savory day and not have any sweets or I might just eat only whole foods that day.  It let's your digestion take a break and your body to get back on track.

Send me an email if you would like support around the holidays, together we can come up with a plan designed just for you.  I can be reached at or via my website,

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