Friday, October 21, 2011

What does a runner do when she's unable to "just do it?"

Many of you know I run, that it's a weird addiction and that I only started about 3 years ago.  I have had injuries, like a lot of other runners, and I always get back on the running path when I'm better.  It clears my head, keeps me fit and presents challenges along the way.  I like plotting out where I'm going to run as well as knowing I have favorite routes when I don't want to think about it.  I like the solitary run and I like the company of running with my Team In Training teammates. 

I have chronic plantar fasciitits since June, well really May but I had a race that I wanted to do.  (runners are a stubborn group)  I have refrained from running for a little while, iced the foot, stretched and visited the podiatrist.  Three cortisone shots, countless acupuncture treatments, icing & stretching have not really offered much in the way of relief.  It's better then it's not.  It's not bad and then it is.  It's frustrating.

And, as crazy as I am, I have not been running.  I'm not supposed to do high impact exercise and I let my gym membership go when I left my job for school.  Bike riding is fine but I am not about to ride in the rain.  So, what to do?  I have to move, plain and simple.  I've been strength training, doing kickboxing without jumping, yoga & pilates and it's good but not the same. 

Now I think I've found it: athletic training.  I lumber on all fours with straight limbs like a bear, I walk like a crab, a duck and a creepy crawler.  All of these are broken up by a series of punches and kicks that do not include jumping.  My heart races, I sweat and my back is starting to be as toned as my legs.  (bonus)!  I have to plot my route of movement throughout the house.  This routine requires some space.  I'm beat halfway through and I'm grinning when it's over.  Not, it's not running but I'm happy.

With some searching you can find what inspires you to "just do it."

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