Thursday, October 13, 2011

Changing With the Season

It's getting cooler again, or so the weather people are promising.  In the fall I start craving soups and heavier foods then I had been eating over the summer.  Salad is okay as a side but I want more grounding and filling meals this time of year.  I have a love of squash, beets and apples and I indulge in root vegetables in the fall. 

On my must make list for the next week are: butternut squash soup with apples; pumpkin curry and a white bean escarole soup.  The butternut squash soup has a blend of savory & sweet and the curry is just delicous.  The escarole soup reminds me of childhood and is as satisfying as it is comforting. 

I bought my squash, apples, escarole and pumpkin at the Farmers Market this week.  All are fresh, seasonal, grown without pesticides and nutritional powerhouses.

Winter Squash - excellent source of Vitamins A & C; good source of folate & minerals, including calcium, magnesium & potasium and a good source of fiber. 

Pumpkin - also an excellent source of Vitamin A, as well as vitamins E & C.  Again it is a good source of folate, calcium, magnesium, potasium and fiber.  That bright orange hue means it's full of antioxidants and will fight off free radicals that produce wrinkles.  No expensive creams - eat richly hued pumpkin!

Apples - low in sugar, good source of potasium and it has a little calcium.

Escarole - a powerhouse of nutrition with super low calorie content.  It's full of vitamins K, A & folate.  It also contains vitamins C, E and B; calcium, potatssium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and selenium. 

So take another look at the veggies in season and make something wonderful for yourself.  (maybe even share with someone if you're so inclined)! 

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  1. Great post, Janine! You now have me thinking of particular Julie's sweet potato and ginger soup. One year we made this instead of candied sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving and it was a real hit - and even without cream or butter.

    Also love the idea of curried pumpkin.

    Thanks for the healthy ideas!

  2. Your blog is great! thanks for all the tips. I'm a fan!