Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are You a Fitness Nut, Couch Potato or Somewhere in the Middle?

I have friends and clients all over the map with this one.  Some are training for marathons, triatholons and 1/2 marathons and then there are those who don't exercise at all.  Most of us fall somewhere in the middle of this.  We workout and maybe we have some goals that we want to reach or an amount of time we want to workout for. 

I'm for any activity. I feel as long as you are moving your body it's good.  I like variety to keep from getting bored but maybe there is something you do regularly that invigorates you.  I know people who've run or biked for years and really have no interest in anything else.  There are also those who only want to strength train.  To prevent injury it's good to mix cardio, strength training and stretching.  It keeps your muscles and joints working properly and lessens the threat of pulls, tears and fractures.  When I train for a 1/2 marathon I make sure to include strength training twice a week and yoga almost daily.  Sun salutations are an excellent way to warm up for a run and to cool down after one.  All the muscles you used get stretched and lengthened.

You should be exercising most days of the week and the most avid trainers still need at least a day of rest.  If you are currently not doing anything figure out what excites you and start doing it.  Try 10 - 15 minutes three times a week.  Once you start you will feel better.  Your mood will improve, your immune system will be strengthened and  your body will remember what it was made to do. 

Take a minute and share you favorite exercise.  Maybe you'll inspire the rest of us to try it out!

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