Monday, January 16, 2012

Recovering and Impatient

I had minor foot surgery last week.  Between pre-op, the operation and recovery I really wasn't in the frame of mind to write much.  I had the fascia in my foot released, looking for some relief after the last 6 months.  I hope it worked, I can't tell yet since my foot is still sore from the operation.

My husband was lovely and took the week off to go to my appointments with me and then take over dog care while I recover.  I didn't quite realize that I wouldn't be able to do the walks and so I'm glad he did!  I took the doctor at his word that I'd be walking around the next day.  What he left out was I would be in a surgical shoe and really not wanting to walk around more than the length of my house.

To calm my brain before going to the hospital I did some yoga.  I wanted to work out more but realized that not being able to drink anything was going to be a problem if I worked out harder.  Yoga was probably the better choice anyway; I felt calm, grounded and wasn't focusing on not being able to eat or drink anything.  (I'm not good at fasting and ten hours without water seemed an eternity).

It's kind of maddening for me to be inactive for any real length of time. I want my foot to recover though so I have stayed off it for the most part. I got antsy after a few days of sitting and lying around so I explored my video options and decided on pilates and upper body workouts.  I've been doing beginner's pilates with Kristen McGee and upper body strength with Kathy Smith.  They have been keeping me sane and mostly off my feet.  Since I'm allowed to walk around and can wear my sneakers standing during upper body workouts are fine.  Plus it's good to get all the muscles stretched, I have to stretch the foot and calf so all heals properly.

I did go out yesterday with Paul and I was very glad by the time we got home to rest and ice the foot.  I'll still be taking it easy for a few days but at least I can move around some.  I'll see how it goes when he returns to work tomorrow and I'm on dog walking duty again...

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